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Our missionOur mission

AMD is a multifactorial disease caused by genetic and environmental influences. During the last four years enormous progress has been made to understand the pathogenetic mechanisms underlying AMD. Genetic studies have revealed that several components of the complement system play a crucial role in the development of AMD.

Although several important genetic risk factors for AMD have been identified, at least 20-50% of the genes still await discovery. It is also poorly understood which factors influence AMD progression, why patients develop different forms of AMD, and why some patients do not respond well to anti-VEGF therapy. Our large multicenter database, providing a clinically well-defined AMD patient group, will be instrumental to answer these and future questions. By identifying new genes involved in AMD, we expect that the majority of AMD cases can be predicted by diagnostic genotyping tests in the near future.

Our multicenter AMD database also enables the rapid evaluation of new therapeutic regimens in large, well-described (sub)groups of AMD patients. Genotypes influencing the response of patients to therapies can readily be assessed, and new genes influencing the response to therapy will be studied by pharmacogenomics. The database will also enable us to study the effect of nutrient-based interventions.